“Through companies I have co-founded, I have received funds from or met with South Western Ontario Angels, Golden Triangle Angelnet, Niagara Angel Network, Angel One Network, York Angels and Maple Leaf Angels. These groups are relatively new in the scheme of things and have been a huge benefit to capitalizing innovation in Ontario. Please keep up the great work in supporting these groups.” Mark D. Kershey Magnitude Partners Inc.


“I initially embarked into angel investing to complement my investment portfolio with private equity. Trying to do this on my own was a complete disaster and very time consuming – given the complexities associated with deal structure and performing the requisite due diligence. Ever since I joined ranks with angel groups (York Angels Investors and Angel One Investor Network) the process has become far more enjoyable and integral. I now have over 100 fellow angels from all walks of life who can weigh in and bring a substantial external network to assist in both the investment process and helping our investee companies execute better.The encouragement of angel investing in Ontario will go far to spur innovation in our province.”  — TJ Machado Angel Investor

“Innovation and the companies that are the catalyst for this innovation are changing quicker than at any time in recent history. As a result Angels, Micro-VCs, Accelerators and other investors in this eco-system must keep keep up with this rapid rate of change. Organizations such as NAO-Ontario and NACO provide a platform for education, best practices and resources to ensure their members are provided with the most up to date thought leadership on Investing in Early and Growth stage companies. Governments and their agencies understand that these invested companies are a significant job creator for the economy and by funding NAO-Ontario and in turn angel groups they ensure the tools are in place for this continued job growth and in particular a substantial influence on the knowledge economy. It is the leadership that ensures that Ontario and Canada are attractive places to invest and work. Canadian cities such as Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal and Vancouver are recognized globally as leaders for start-up company acceleration.” —  Gerard Buckley Founder and CEO, Jaguar Capital

“The NAO-Ontario has not only been instrumental in the start-up of Angel Groups in Ontario, and providing ongoing operational support, but has also led to the establishment of a provincial network of Angel groups that we now find critical for the ongoing success of the South Western Ontario Angel Group (SWOAG). We rely on the network for deal syndication, access to expertise, review of best practices, and the testing of innovative deal structures. I know our submitting companies also recognize the strength of the network and the support it provides to them in simplifying the investment process.”  –  Carmen S. Gicante Managing Director, Southwestern Ontario Angel Group (SWOAG)
“Once a month for the past year, I connect with other Angels in the Ottawa region over breakfast while entrepreneurs pitch their businesses. As an Angel investor and active member of the Capital Angel Network (CAN), I recognize the power in numbers. Investing with others was critical to completing rounds of financing for three CAN portfolio companies. As a team, we were able to reduce risk and bridge gaps in the start-ups’ management team. The value Angel investors offer start-ups multiplies from both a financing and mentorship perspective when provided through a shared network.” —  Hicham Adra President, Ardan Fitzroy Enterprises Inc.



“During a Capital Angel Network (CAN) investment meeting, I shared a challenge my business faced with a fellow CAN Angel investor. As it turned out, he knew many of my potential customers, introduced me to them, suggested solutions and expedited my time to market. Having a forum of Angels that entrepreneurs can access and collaborate with, as in this scenario, is a convenience I wish were afforded when I first started out. After investing in start-ups for over 10 years on my own, joining a group opened a door to a community of like-minded individuals who share in my passion to help grow industry in Canada. Having the opportunity to convene with Angels from various backgrounds and critically think together over business ideas is invaluable to both Angels and Entrepreneurs.“ —  Birket Foster CEO, M. B. Foster Associates Limited