Startup Funding Forum Multimedia

Planning now for capital later

Starting or running an innovative company that will soon seek capital?

The recordings below were filmed July 24th at NAO-Ontario’s Startup Funding Forum. The event was held at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management, in partnership with the Ryerson Angel Network, StartMeUp Ryerson, SIFE Ryerson and the Digital Media Zone, in order to give budding entrepreneurs and early-stage business owners an opportunity to hear what Angels have to say about the essentials of starting and running a venture, the process of applying for Angel financing, and the ingredients of an attractive investment.

By watching the videos, you will hopefully share in the valuable insights enjoyed by those who attended that day.

Panel 1: Common startup mistakes and how to avoid them

Moderator: Andy Wilkes, Member of Board of Directors, NAO-Ontario and member of The Biomaterials Investment Group

Panelists: Brad Ross, Faran Umar-Khitab and Ray Brooks

Panel 2: Is Angel capital for your business?

Moderator: Patricia Lorenz, Chair of Board of Directors

Panelists: Andy Wilkes, Sean Wise and Jeff Dennis

Panel 3: Due diligence – What to do, what to avoid

Moderator: Paul Connor, President of NAO-Ontario

Panelists: Benton Leong, Marnie Walker and Jeff Dennis

Keynote: Where to go when Angels say no

Sean Wise

Pitch from an Angel-backed Company

Powernoodle, a company financed by members of Golden Triangle Angelnet