Resources for Angel Investors


Age of Angel
Angel investment best practices

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Angel best practices
Angel best practices wiki
(coming soon)

A (beta-version) Angel investor best practices wiki (using Age of the Angel as a starting point).

NACO resources & events
NACO resources & events

Members of the National Angel Capital Organization, Canada’s industry association for Angel investors and groups, enjoy access to national events & training.

Entrepreneurial Practice Review
Workshops & webinars

NAO-Ontario delivers workshops and webinars for supported Angel group managers.

Angel Investing IP Patents & Copyrights
IP Due Diligence

Patricia Lorenz, NAO-Ontario’s Chair, provides her insight on how to assess patents and copyrights.

Investment-Ready Quiz

An online self assessment to help you determine if your business is Angel-ready.

Startup Funding Forum

Recordings from NAO-Ontario’s Startup Funding Forum. Includes three panel discussions, a keynote and a sample pitch from an angel-backed company.

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

MaRS, Toronto’s Regional Innovation Centre, creates easy access to information and tools needed to start and grow a business.